No more buying new solar panels when you get a new vehicle!

Camper Van Solar Panel

As a new addition to our product range, our 110w solar panel kits can be popped into use in a few minutes. No installation costs - just virtually plug and play.

Fed up of requiring a new panel every time you sell or upgrade your camper? Simply take our solar panel kit with you and you only need to order the right fitting system and cables (should you need an extension).

Perfect for Drop Down Screens

These solar panel kits can be used successfully with any of our our drop down panel screen covers. Each kit allows you to drop your screen down as normal during the day and mount the solar panel at the optimum angle to charge your battery.

What's in the Kit?

Each solar screen kit consists of:

  • 110w solar panel
  • All the necessary cabling
  • Solar charge controller
  • Equipment to connect to the battery terminals.

About our Campervan Solar Panels

10 Year Camper Van Solar Panel

We are agents for photovoltaic manufacturers that do not use silicone or glass to manufacture our solar panels!

Each and every solar panel manufactured use our market-leading thin-film CIGS technology. By using this we eliminate the threat of micro-fractures and reduce the effects of wear and tear, increasing its longevity over time.

Bypass Diodes for better effectiveness in shade

Our solar panels have been fitted to include bypass diodes on every other cell which lowers the effects of cloudy or shaded applications. If you chose, our panels can be mounted to the vehicles screen or roof as there is no excessive buildup of heat. Also, the CIGS technology ensures the panels are flexible, durable and due to the Teflon coating, self-cleaning.

With a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and a ten-year performance warranty, our photovoltaic panels are guaranteed to still produce 80% power even after years of use.

You chose the kit to suit you. Available now we have 55W, 110W and 165W kits, all of which can be specified to include our Sika backing if you don't intend sticking the panel to a Rainbow Thermal Screen.